Dailyraven Technologies is proud to announce significant milestones achieved during the fiscal year 2023/24, showcasing robust growth and strategic advancements across multiple fronts. As the financial year concludes, the company reflects on its achievements and outlines ambitious plans for the upcoming period.

Trade Brains News and articles have witnessed an extraordinary surge in traffic, amassing over 55.6 million views throughout the year. This substantial increase underscores the growing relevance and reach of Trade Brains’ content, solidifying its position as a leading source of financial information and analysis.

In a strategic move towards broader audience engagement, Trade Brains expanded into the Hindi segment, demonstrating a commitment to catering to diverse demographics. While still gaining momentum, this expansion reflects Trade Brains’ dedication to inclusivity and accessibility in financial education.

The Trade Brains Portal has undergone significant enhancements, including a transition to a new data provider and updates to enrich platform functionality. The redesign of the Trade Brains portal app has resulted in a modern interface, enhancing user experience and accessibility.

Trade Brains, registered as Dailyraven Technologies Private Limited, has secured a SEBI research analyst license, marking a pivotal milestone in the company’s journey. This achievement sets the stage for Trade Brains’ entry into the research report publishing segment, fostering trust and delivering enhanced value to users.

In alignment with strategic objectives, FinGrad has been demerged from Dailyraven Technologies Private Limited, becoming a fully subsidized entity under FinGrad Ventures Private Limited. The platform has experienced substantial growth, with expanded seminar engagements and the inauguration of an offline coaching center, signaling a commitment to educational excellence.

Strategic partnerships with Tradejini and BSE Institute further strengthen Trade Brains’ ecosystem, offering synergistic collaboration and enhanced value proposition for users. The recent launch of the FinGrad learning app on Google Play Store extends accessibility and convenience to a broader audience.

Trade Brains’ social media presence has seen steady growth, with notable achievements across various platforms. Milestones on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, including the YouTube Silver Play Button, highlight Trade Brains’ increasing influence and engagement in the digital space.

Looking ahead, Trade Brains is poised to capitalize on momentum and pursue ambitious growth targets. Focus areas include amplifying traffic for Trade Brains news and articles, enhancing data accuracy and features within the Trade Brains Portal, and maximizing the reach and impact of mobile app offerings.

The appointment of Hitesh Singhi as the new CEO of FinGrad, effective April 16th of the next financial year, reflects Trade Brains’ commitment to leadership excellence and expansion efforts.

As Trade Brains celebrates its achievements and looks forward to future opportunities, the company extends gratitude to its dedicated team members for their contributions to collective success.

Trade Brains Corporation anticipates a prosperous and fulfilling year ahead as it continues to innovate and empower users in the financial education landscape.